Salma Hassan shares tale of emotional interaction with fan

By Aqifa Ameen

Salma Hasan is a talented and graceful Pakistani television actor. She began acting career with the sitcom Sab Set Hai. Her pair with Azfar Ali was hit in Sab Set Hai. Salma Hasan is a single mother and she has an adorable and talented daughter Fatima. She was married to Azfar Ali but they got divorced after Azfar married to the actor Navin Waqar. Later on, Navin and Azfar also parted ways. Salma Hasan restarted her acting career a few years ago. Her drama Khaani was a huge hit. Baddua, Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha and Fairly Tale are her other notable projects.
Recently, she appeared in short chit-chat session. She talked about her latest dramas and her co-actors. She also narrated an emotional interaction with a random fan. Talking about her interaction with the fan, she said, “I met a lady at Dolman mall after my divorce, at that time my daughter Fatima was too young. I remember that a tall lady in a white Abaya came to me and hugged me so tightly, that hug was so precious as if someone knew you and hugged you, she kept on hugging me and she also started crying. She said, ‘I do pray for you a lot, I wish you stay happy forever in your life’. She kept on crying that I had to console her. I was so overwhelmed, sometimes, you are in that phase of life when you need to be hugged and taken care of.”