Sabotaging unity hinders global anti-virus efforts

By Zhong Sheng

At this critical moment when the international community needs unity and cooperation the most to combat the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), some Western politicians still don’t seem able to quit politicizing the pandemic.
Recently, certain U.S. politicians, in total disregard of facts, have attempted to blame the World Health Organization (WHO) for their own country’s inadequate response to the disease and even threatened to freeze U.S. funding to the WHO.
As it’s clear to all, the root cause for the U.S. unreadiness to tackle the pandemic lies in the country itself, and the U.S. couldn’t conceal its structural maladies by buck-passing.
The world has witnessed the leadership of the WHO in international cooperation regarding COVID-19.
Since the outbreak, the WHO has actively performed its duties under Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Upholding objectiveness and fairness, the organization has played an important role in helping various countries cope with COVID-19 and promoting international cooperation in fighting the pandemic.
The WHO has supported various countries to enhance their capacity to cope with the virus, cooperated with partners to provide accurate information about the pandemic and crack down on information crime, strived to ensure supply of necessary medical equipment for front-line health workers, trained and mobilized health workers, and coordinated efforts to accelerate the research and development related to the pandemic.
These efforts, which are exactly what the world needs at present, have won universal recognition and high praise from the international community.
“It is my belief that the World Health Organization must be supported, as it is absolutely critical to the world’s efforts to win the war against COVID-19,” United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a recent statement.
Some Western politicians’ making a big fuss about the impartiality of the WHO and pointing fingers at the organization is totally indefensible in front of facts.
Following the principles of fairness, objectivity, and impartiality, the WHO has served people around the world by releasing 50 technical documents, transporting more than 2 million pieces of protective equipment to 133 countries, and making joint efforts with over 90 countries to seek effective treatment methods.
By offering help to those who need it the most, the WHO has earnestly practiced professionalism and international humanitarian spirit.
“They (WHO) have been very transparent as much as they have known the data. They have had daily calls, they have been very clear about the severity of this illness, and how the global community has to respond,” said Ashish Jha, a public health professor at Harvard.
Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the WHO has been doing very well under the leadership of Tedros.
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said in a recent statement that Tedros has shown “exceptional leadership” as the Director-General of the WHO “from the very earliest stages of this unprecedented global health crisis.”
All people who have conscience know clearly that those who try to blacken the WHO’s name regardless of facts have been paying no attention to justice and running counter to universal opinion of the international community.
Beyond all doubt, there’s no “justice” in the dictionaries of certain Western politicians. They haven’t thought about intensifying efforts to improve epidemic prevention and control measures of their country with a scientific and professional manner, but are always busy scapegoating others for selfish political interests, being a huge fan of unstrained political gambling.
In fact, more and more people are questioning why these politicians refuse to spend their time in saving more lives.
–The Daily Mail-People’s Daily news exchange item