Saba, Zahid & Jibran share dark side of showbiz


By Huma Yasir

Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmed and Syed Jibran are big stars of the industry. They have all made a place for themselves in the industry and have huge fan followings. However, fame comes at a price and there are disadvantages to it too. The trio was at Junaid Akram’s podcast where they shared some insights into being famous.
Saba Qamar and Jibran shared that people can write anything about you without consequences and negative things go viral easily. Zahid also shared that if you take fame, what are yu being known for, how famous you have become too seriously, your mental health will definitely get affected.
Jibran also shared that being in showbiz makes people make an automatic perception of yours. They assume that if you are connected to this industry then you will be an addict and party. Such notions get automatically attached to your personality.