Rice production in surplus despite flood devastation, NA told

By Asad Cheema

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentary Secretary for National Food Security and Research, Ahmad Raza Maneka on Friday said the rice crop production was in surplus despite flood devastation.
Responding to the query of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) MNA, Ghous Bux Khan Maher during the question hour session of the 51st session of the National Assembly, he said the wheat stocks were properly stored and preserved from damages during the 2022 floods.
However, the rice production was 5.4 million metric tonnes (MMT) against the local consumption of 3.8 MMT in the last year, he added. Maher posed the question that what measures the government take to enhance rice crop yield as the production had declined to one-third?
MNA Wajiha Qamar of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also queried that amid prevailing growing environmental degradation and climate change what measures were being taken to ensure climate-resistant crops adaptable to shifting weather patterns?
Maneka responded that innovative methods of farming, hybrid seeds and farmers’ training could only ensure crop yield increase. He said the latest methods and techniques of crop cultivation were the only remedy that was being imparted to the farmers.
MNA Salahuddin demanded the Housing Ministry to provide details related to plots allotted to 16 employees of the Ministry of Grade-16 and above.
He added that the Ministry also clarify that either any of these officials were awarded more than one plot.
Responding to that the Parliamentary Secretary of Housing and Works, Syed Mehmood Shah said the 16 employees of the ministry were not allotted plots but rather it was announced yet whereas none of them availed dual plots in this case and the possession of these plots would be given after June.