Resistance group calls for talks with Taliban

DM Monitoring

KABUL: The Tajik leader of the forces stuck under the siege of the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley called on Russia to assume a mediatory role and help conduct emergency peace talks between his forces and the Taliban to make a buffer zone in the valley.
In an interview, Ahmad Massoud, head of the anti-Taliban resistance movement, said he hopes that Russia will help prevent the escalation of violence.
“The international community, regional powers, including Russia, can pressure the Taliban to create a buffer zone for those who cannot leave Afghanistan. There may be a region where they can stay until the peace talks yield results,” Massoud said.
“I wholeheartedly believe that peace talks are the only solution. But as there are certain military manoeuvres and preparations in the Panjshir Valley, we are also preparing to defend ourselves,” he added. Massoud recalled that Afghanistan has been in wars for the last 50 years in general and said the country needs peace and dialogue.