Report exposes rising anti-Asian racism in United States


BEIJING: The China Society for Human Rights Studies on Friday released a report, exposing growing anti-Asian racism in the United States.

The United States still takes pride in recognizing itself as a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant country, the report says, noting that Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are subject to discrimination and violations in various forms and cannot fully enjoy their human rights.

The report consists of three parts: Asian Americans facing rise in racist attacks amid the coronavirus pandemic; racism against Asian Americans not unique to the coronavirus pandemic; and reasons behind the rising anti-Asian sentiment amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The report attributes the rising anti-Asian sentiment to some US politicians’ racist coronavirus attacks on China; the effects of white supremacy; “the model minority” label shackling Asian Americans; the antagonism between Asian Americans and other US ethnic minorities; and some US politicians’ actions that seriously undermine China-US relations.

It can be inferred that in the post-pandemic era, even if the anti-Asian racism may subside, the racial attacks against Chinese Americans will continue to rise under the influence of anti-China political manipulation by US politicians, the report says, calling for sustained attention of the international community to the issue. -The Daily Mail-China Daily News Exchange Item