Removal of ban on exports can boost livestock sector: WealthPK

ISLAMABAD: The government should lift the ban on livestock exports as the country has excess animals than its consumption.
Livestock export can boost the economy by increasing our foreign exchange reserves, but the ban is affecting the economy as well as the farmers.
Talking to WealthPK, Syed Jawed Hussain Kazmi, Chairman of the Livestock Exporters Association of Pakistan, said, “Pakistan cannot ignore livestock potential in boosting the economy, but the ban on exports is causing income loss for livestock farmers.”
“Livestock has a substantial role in the agriculture sector and more than 50-51% the population of Pakistan is involved in agro-based activities,” he said.
“The total share of the agriculture sector in GDP (gross domestic product) growth of Pakistan is about 22.7%. At least 37.4% of labor force is associated with the agriculture sector of which more than 8 million rural families depend upon livestock to derive 35-40% of their livelihood,” Jawed said.
He said Pakistan has renewed its focus on the livestock sector for faster economic growth, poverty alleviation and food security. Livestock is growing with time and it can contribute a lot to the country’s economy.
The livestock sector accounts for 61.89% in agriculture and 14.04% in GDP, and recorded a growth of 3.26% in 2021-22 compared to 2.38% during last year.
“Populace rate of livestock is high which means we have more animals available for our local consumption,” Jawed said.
“If the government removes the ban on livestock exports, it will be a good sign for the country’s economy and for the people involved in this sector,” he said.
In rural areas, a large number of people are involved in livestock farming, including a large number of women, and livestock is their source of livelihood.
“Farmers should be paid well so that they work hard and boost the livestock sector. The government should lift the ban on exports so that excess animals reach to international markets. If exports are allowed, the farmers will be able to earn more as compared to local market, which means inflow of foreign currency,” Jawed said.
Pakistan can make its mark in the international market and contribute a lot to foreign reserves if the government provides assistance to local farmers, educates them about the latest technology, and offers subsidies on inputs. Some of the measures the government should take include awareness programs for farmers for quality measurements, improvement in animal productivity per unit, better medication and vaccination for animals.
Pakistan should adopt the latest technology in order to maintain standards in livestock production and cater to the needs of the growing population.