Relations with Pakistan are stronger than ever, say Envoy

— China’s 70th National Day celebrated

By Ajmal Khan

ISLAMABAD: The Ambassador of China to Pakistan Yao Jing, on Thursday, said that the 68-year-old Pak-China diplomatic relations were getting stronger with every passing day.
Addressing a ceremony, held at the Chinese Embassy, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples’ Republic of China and 68 years of diplomatic relations with Pakistan, he said that Pakistan-China diplomatic ties were unique as there was no conflict on any issue between the two countries during the entire period of their diplomatic history.
The Chinese Ambassador said that both the countries were enjoying cordial diplomatic relations and have unanimous stance on host of issues in international forums.
He informed that China had started the journey of economic prosperity and social development with international assistance, adding that the country had transformed itself into a developed industrial country.
Ambassador Yao said that the people of China wanted to share their prosperity with the world and President Xi had presented the concept of One-Belt One Road (OBOR) for sharing the benefits of the prosperity with rest of the world.
He termed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project as an example of trade relations and mutual confidence between Pakistan and China, adding that energy and infrastructure development projects have been completed so far.
The Chinese Ambassador said that now CPEC was entering into second phase, having focus on industrial cooperation, agriculture development, infrastructure development and trade protection.
\Ambassador said that China Pakistan ties were getting stronger with every passing year and the relations between the two nations were blossoming with every passing moment. He said that the CPEC had emerged as a new bond of connectivity between the peoples from two exemplary nations and the fruits of CPEC under the umbrella of BRI had already started reaching to the people in both China and Pakistan, ushering a new era of prosperity and development.
The event was attended by a huge audience comprising people from all walks of life, including Generals, journalists, diplomats, politicians and social eminent. Although the gathering was very impressive yet it was far less than the normal attendance size and perhaps it was due to extraordinary security measures adopted by local authorities as President Arif Alvi was the Chief Guest along with his spouse.