Reforms needed to uplift livestock, Dairy sector

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan needs appropriate reforms to boost its livestock and dairy sector which has a huge potential to generate more revenue, experts say.
Livestock has a substantial role in the agriculture sector as more than 50% population is involved in agro-based activities. The total share of the agriculture sector in the GDP growth of Pakistan is about 22.7%. At least 37.4% of labour force is associated with the agriculture sector of which more than 8 million rural families depend upon livestock.
Talking to WealthPK, Syed Jawed Hussain Kazmi, Chairman Livestock Exporters Association of Pakistan, said Pakistan must concentrate on the livestock sector for fast economic growth, poverty reduction, and food security. He said livestock can make a significant contribution to the country’s economy.
“In the livestock industry, around 70% of farmers have on average fewer than four cattle. It is imperative that a mechanism be devised to facilitate farmers in commercial farming while helping them increase the number of cattle,” he suggested. –INP