Recovered patient of Coronavirus, cardiac shares experience

KARACHI: A coronavirus patient who suffered from cardiac and asthama diseases has recovered from the infection without facing any complications during his treatment at Civil Hospital Karachi.

While sharing the tale of his recovery to a media channel, Mukhtar said that he was cleared during screening process at Karachi airport when he returned from Iran on February 20.

The now recovered patient said that he felt virus symptoms after some days and Faisal Edhi approached him to get tested for the infection.

“All passengers who arrived from the plane were tested for COVID-19,” he said adding that after undergoing tests at Civil Hospital, the doctors asked him to return to home, however, police threatened them with registering a FIR if he was allowed to leave the hospital.

The next day, I tested positive for the virus and was admitted to the hospital, the survivor said adding that he was treated with special care and the doctors visited him on regular intervals to inquire about his health.

Before contracting the virus, I already suffered from asthma, cardiac and sugar diseases but better health care facilities provided to me at the hospital helped in recovering from coronavirus without encountering any complications,” Mukhtar said.

He said that he remained admitted to the hospital for 14 days and his family was only allowed to see him through a glass window. “After completely recovering from the virus, I was allowed to meet my family members, who were also tested for the virus,” the survivor said.

The coronavirus survivor appealed to the masses to act on the government directives and remain indoors to avoid coming in contact with the virus.