Razzak vows support to exporters, industry

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Advisor on Commerce, Industries and Production and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood has said that the government will provide all possible incentives to the exporters and industry at this critical time.
He said, when the coronavirus started in and outside Pakistan, exporters began contacting him by telephone to update him on the impact of this epidemic on their shipments and other issues. Exporters informed him that international chains like GAP, Zara and Lewis are asking them to hold shipments, which implies that if shipments are on hold , exporters will face liquidity crunch.
‘I spoke to the exporters through conference call as we are inviting them in person to hear their concerns. They presented a list for relief due the prevailing situation. Whatever points were related to State Bank of Pakistan(SBP) I gave to the Governor SBP and requested immediate steps because factories production has started to come down as this epidemic will end in one, two or three months but this situation would create liquidity crunch for them,” he added.