RAW hosts secret Conference with Spymasters from over 20 countries

| Proceedings of the moot held at New Delhi over the weekend, focused mainly on countering Pakistan, China and Russia | Participants reported to have discussed measures to secure Western, Indian interests in Afghanistan | Measures to confront BRI , CPEC also mulled deeply in conference | Steps to destabilize Pakistan, exploiting country’s fragile political situation also discussed | Efforts to block Russian influence in region also formed part of deliberations | Despite abstaining of CIA from the moot, deliberations held in line with AUKUS, QUAD policies

From Christina Palmer

NEW DELHI: The Indian Intelligence Agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RWA), yesterday held a 2-day indoor conference, participated by heads or senior representatives of Intelligence Agencies from 20 to 25 countries, considered to be closely engaged with India on different fronts, The Daily Mail has learnt on good authority.
According to the findings of The Daily Mail Investigation Cell, the meeting was co-hosted by RAW and India’s National Security Council that is headed by Indian NSA Ajit Kumar Doval. The conference was held on Saturday while the Indian Ministry of External Affairs was scheduled to host its Annual Raisina Dialogue, an event that is considered to be India’s top Multilateral Foreign Policy moot, on Monday.
The Daily Mail’s Investigations reveal that the said conference’s conclusions were put in agenda of proceeding of the Annual Raisana Dialogue to move achieve diplomatic supports of the decisions made in the meeting of the clandestine agencies.
The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that although the officials of the Indian government downplay the Intelligence event and term it as an event for sustained planning for enhancing connectivity among various friendly Intelligence Agencies, yet the purpose of the moot was to counter China, Pakistan and Russia in the region and to secure interests of Western world and India. These findings further indicate that the hosts forwarded many proposals to counter China’s Belt and Road Imitative (BRI) with special focus on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), terming BRI as a mega threat to the dominance of West across the world and India in the region while branding it an unannounced move of China to become Super Power and forming new economic and security blocs for the purpose, the hosts forwarded their plan of creating troubles for Beijing in line with the 2016 Dharmshala conference in which RAW had invited anti-China personalities and entities from all over the world and urged upon the participants to support in implementation of the decision taken in the Dharmshala moot that was held with Dalai Lama in Chair.
The Daily Mail’s Investigations further reveal that in the conference, it was also discussed that certain warlords and other groups in Afghanistan be secretly funded and armed to maintain lawlessness and terrorism networks intact while also to ensure creating differences between Kabul and Beijing as well as Kabul and Islamabad. According to well placed sources, a participant suggested to establish an intelligence platform for the purpose of arming and funding the Afghan groups that have control on areas bordering Afghanistan with Pakistan and a couple of Central Asian countries. The hosts also urged the participants to find ways and means to counter events like moot of neighbors of Afghanistan, like the one held by China earlier this month at Tunxi, Anhui province.
The said conference also discussed certain sudden steps to exploit Pakistan’s fragile political situation and offered to support India’s ongoing 5th Generation Operations to fume public opinion against Pakistan Army while another participant assured his side’s support for furthering political unrest in Pakistan that could lead to an acute turmoil with special targeting of CPEC projects has his Agency had ample experience of operating in Balochistan province of Pakistan until a few years back. The participants also discussed synchronized steps to block Russian influence in the region.
The Daily Mail’s findings disclose that despite the fact that America’s Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA opted to stay away from these move, yet all the proceedings and deliberations in the conference were made just in accordance with the US polices that it maintains in its alliances like AUKUS, QUAD, Five Eyes etc.