Railways to abide by SC instructions



By Ali Imran

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Tuesday said his ministry would abide by instructions by Supreme Court in improving Pakistan Railways affairs.
Taking to media outside the Supreme Court after appearing in the court on Audit Report about Pakistan Railways, the minister said, this report pertains to the period 2013-17 even then “we shall follow the Court instructions.
“We are thankful to Supreme Court for taking up this matter. We shall proceed forward in light of its instructions. We shall also request the court to settle the stay orders issue,” he told reporters.
Answering a question, he said, “This report is not of our tenure. But, we shall honor the court instructions. Even if the Chief Justice desired by resignation, I would abide by him.”
When asked about rumors about the government, he said, whenever you will ask me about the government, “I say, it will complete its tenure.”
When he was question about Buzdar’s staying as Chief Minister Punjab, Sheikh Rashid said, “as far as Imran Khan is Prime Minister, Usman Buzdar would continue as Chief Minister Punjab.”
The minister said he had predicted that in Army Chief’s extension issue, all political parties would vote in favor during legislation in the Parliament.