Punjab govt releases funds for local bodies

From Abid Usman

LAHORE: Punjab chief minister Sardar Usman Buzdar expressed outrage over the officials on the poor sanitary situation in a number of places across the province.
Usman Buzdar, while chairing a high-level meeting on Sunday over Punjab local bodies, said that the fact that local body officials weren’t moved in spite of all the filth in their areas was displeasing. He remarked that they don’t deserve to hold the posts if they are not willing to do the needful, referring to those officials. Buzdar advised officials to avoid lapses in redressing grievances of the people. He said the Local Government funds have been resumed now and asserted that the provincial government was preparing for local body elections. “The development work on the grassroots level will be felt by people on their doorsteps.”
On the promotions of engineers appointed by local bodies, the minister said based on their merit it will be expedited while the appointments on vacancies for building inspectors must be fulfilled as well. Speaking of Baldiaonline app, Buzdar said its number of users reaching beyond 200,000 people was heartening. Using this app, he said, the citizens could avail six services ranging from marriages to the birth of children. He explained that people could register complaints about local body issues sitting at home.