Pudong sets out to attract more talent

BEIJING: The government of Pudong New Area in Shanghai has put forward a highly integrated and systematic talent attraction policy to build the district into an international talent and innovation center, officials said.
The policy encompasses a strategic guideline that specifies the district’s talent development goal and a three-step road map to achieve it, an action plan for the coming three years and a new batch of supporting projects and policies.
The Pudong government believes that the new area can take the lead in building an “international talent development zone”, it said on Sunday.
“Pudong has developed from an expanse of farmland with no gold mines or coal mines, but relying mainly on tapping human resources,” said Pudong’s Party Chief Zhu Zhisong during a news conference on Sunday. “Talent is the first resource for Pudong’s development.”
How to gather talent from all over the world and use it is a must-answer question for the construction of Pudong as a leading area of socialist modernization, Zhu added. “Through the policy, we hope to send a strong signal to the world that Pudong respects and loves talent, seeks talent and hopes to lead development with talent,” Zhu said. Pudong, which is among those at the forefront of China’s reform and opening-up and is set to lead the country’s new round of high-level development, is currently home to more than 1.7 million of whom it classifies as talent, 13 international schools and 10 international medical institutions, and more than 2,000 foreign permanent residence card holders, according to official statistics.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item