PUBG Mobile rolls out Erangel 2.0 Map

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LONDON: PUBG Mobile has globally rolled out a new update that features the highly anticipated Erangel, 2.0 map, new weapons, Cheer Park 2.0, numerous visual changes during gameplay, new UI implementations, and much more.
The biggest addition of them all is Erangel 2.0, which is a revamped version of the original map in the game. The latest update will also feature Halloween Infection mode which will be added next week.
The latest development was shared by the PUBG Mobile team on Twitter – where they also posted a brief introduction to Erangel 2.0. The size of the new PUBG Mobile update will be around 1.5 GB for Android, whereas 1 GB for iOS.
Erangel 2.0 Map features
All-new Visuals changes like updated the sky, land, water, and vegetation to be more realistic and detailed.
Changed the structure of some buildings: Mylta Power, Quarry, Prison etc.
Added trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks, and constructions as cover to create a more compelling battlefield atmosphere across Erangel which will make new tactics and strategies possible.
Cheer Park
For improved training, each player now has access to their own private training ground to improve their target-shooting, throwing and more. Players can now join up with others in Cheer Park to enjoy combat or watch duels in the newly completed building to the left of the target range.
The latest 1.0 update is only available for Android users with an iOS version on its way.