PTA holds blocking mobiles with unregistered IMEIs

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: In light of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Friday decided not to block mobile phones with unregistered IMEIs until May 19.
“PTA has extended the blocking of IMEI deadline to an additional 30 days for all GSMA valid device IMEIs seen on mobile networks but currently not registered with PTA,†a statement issued by the authority read.
It said the extension has been given to provide relief and facilitation to the public and ensure social distancing. The blocking of such mobile devices will start from the 19th of the next month and will be communicated via SMS.
“As per regulations, all mobile devices being connected to local networks using local SIM are subject to registration within 60 days from first use of device on local mobile networks in Pakistan,†PTA said. “However due to extraordinary circumstances, blocking of non-registered device IMEIs which were to be blocked between 18th March to 18th May 2020 will now start from 19th May 2020.â€