PTA for special pavilions abroad to boost leather goods export: WealthPK

ISLAMABAD: Establishment of special pavilions in the world market is inevitable to boost the exports of our leather and all other products, said Chairman Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) Muhammad Ali Mehar while talking to WealthPK.
Ali said amidst the current economic crunch, the government has to come forward and take special measures to boost the confidence of industries and other stakeholders.
According to Ali, the Pakistan Tanners Association and Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association organized the 8th Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2023 in February at the Expo Centre, Lahore, which turned into an annual feature of the leather industry and provided an equal opportunity for showcasing all sorts of finished products, including leather shoes, leather garments, and leather gloves. The show was equally beneficial for the allied industries of chemicals and machineries.
‘’The Mega Leather Show 2023 proved successful and attracted potential buyers and investors from China, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, USA, UAE, Spain and Tunisia. It also provided a mega business opportunity to the entrepreneurs and investors.’’
Ali said tanning, including production of leather goods, is the second largest export-oriented industry of Pakistan and in view of export volume, it is considered the third largest stakeholder in the overall exports.
The PTA chairman added that the Pakistan Mega Leather Show was one of the biggest exhibitions of leather-based products in the country’s history in which more than 100 national and international exhibitors, including many Chinese organizations, took part and demonstrated keen interest in the growing leather industry of Pakistan.
Continuing, he said Pakistan has access to the markets of different countries and it is the need of the hour that exhibitions should be organized with the objective to promote and project the made-in-Pakistan products.
‘’The leather garment industry is one of the leading sectors in the country. There was a time when Pakistan was known in the international market for its finest quality leather jackets. Our leather sector needs to adopt modern technologies, as synthetic and man-made leather is grabbing the customers’ attentions nowadays.’’
Pakistan’s economy can only flourish with the boost of exports and the entrepreneurs should prioritise the development of world standard brands to capture the global market, Ali said. He suggested that all the respective government bodies should come forward on an emergency basis and devise joint strategies to steer the country from the ongoing economic crunch.