Probe ordered into derailment accident in Chenzhou

CHANGSHA: An investigation team has been set up to look into a train derailment accident in the city of Chenzhou in central China’s Hunan Province that killed one and injured 127.
According to China Railway Guangzhou Group, the team is led by the Guangzhou railway supervision and administration bureau under the National Railway Administration, and joined by the city government of Chenzhou, Hunan’s transport department and emergency management department.
The group said the cause of the accident and relevant questions of public concern will be investigated thoroughly, and be released to the public in a timely manner.
Railway traffic has resumed Wednesday.
The derailment happened in Yongxing County around noon Monday when the train from Jinan to Guangzhou ran into a landslide. Five carriages derailed and the power generation car caught on fire.

In the evening, after all the medical staff and patients leave, the robots will start patrolling the hospital according to the preset route, using nine ultraviolet lamps for disinfection.
In the daytime, the robots use the other two ways of disinfection that can be done while there are people around.
“The robots have relieved the pressure of our work. After completing the work, they find their ways to the charging pile to charge automatically,” said Huang Weiping, head nurse of the outpatient department. – Agencies