Private rescue team aids Yangtze River flood relief


DM Monitoring

HEFEI: Huang Fumei had to leave her money and valuable items at home due to the fast-rising water level of the Yangtze River, China’s longest, which has been plagued by severe flooding.
“There was only limited time allowed for transferring. A lot of people were evacuated in a rush,” said Huang, who lives by the Yangtze in Sanzhou Village of Susong County, east China’s Anhui Province. Some villagers sought help and accommodation with their relatives, while others, like Huang, have been relocated to local schools. Local authorities have organized rescue teams and boats to help villagers get back home and fetch necessary belongings.
Huang said she had 20,000 yuan (around 2,860 U.S. dollars) in cash at home, but forgot to take it during the evacuation. “I was quite worried,” she said, adding that the money was saved for the medical treatment of her sick father.
Huang waited two hours before she embarked on a speed boat that would take her home, about 1 km away from the current river bank. Waters of the Yangtze breached the bank near her village on the evening of July 11. More than 1,900 villagers from her village and a neighboring one have been safely evacuated by the local government.
“We can take six villagers each time. They need to put on life jackets before we go,” said Huang Hong, vice captain of the Susong Blue Sky Rescue (BSR) team.
“There is also a lifeguard on each boat in case someone falls into the water,” said the 52-year-old local civil servant, who has permission from his office to participate in the flood-relief work at this time.