President seeks awareness about prosperous family

By Anzal Amin

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi Sunday urged the people to fully support and spread the message of ‘Khair Khawa’ programme, creating awareness in the society about a prosperous family.
In a video message on the World Population Day being observed on July 11, the president said that they wanted Pakistan to emerge as healthier and prosperous country.
He said in this connection, they had launched a programme titled ‘Khair Khawa’ which meant a person looking for the well-being of a family.
“I want to talk about a very important issue which concerns the health of a mother and a child. I also want to bring to your attention the number of children in a prosperous household,” the president said while underlining the importance of birth spacing for a mother.
He said that there were cases of malnutrition and stunting in those children who had been born with narrow birth spacing.
“This is an important thing which must be addressed as it is often neglected by the society,” the president stressed.