President, PM greet Christians on Easter

By Asghar Ali Mubarak

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday greeted the Christians, particularly the Pakistani citizens, on the sacred occasion of Easter celebrated on the day.
President Alvi, in a message, conveyed his sincere wishes to the Christian community and said the Christian as well as other minorities were equal citizens of the state, and their rights had been fully safeguarded by the Constitution of Pakistan.
He said the true message of Easter was love, joy and happiness. “It also reminds us of the teachings of Jesus Christ and his universal message of love, forgiveness, and brotherhood, which can bring harmony and peace to the world.”
The president also appreciated the contribution made by the Christian community in the social and economic development of Pakistan.
Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a tweet, felicitated the Christians on Easter and appealed to them to stay at home. “Please stay safe and keep your families safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by praying and celebrating at home and by observing the national safety protocols.”