President issues new Ordinances


ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi has issued eight new ordinances and signed the ‘pivotal’ National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Amended Ordinance. After the approval of federal cabinet, the ordinances which have been issued by the president include Letter of Administration and Succession Certificate Ordinance, Enforcement of Administration of Women Property Rights Ordinance, Amended Ordinance of Benami Transaction Act 2017, Superior Courts (court dress and mode of address) Ordinance, Legal Aid and Justice Authority Ordinance, Whistle blowers Ordinance and Civil Procedure Code (CPC) Amended Ordinance. The most important is the amend
ed NAB ordinance, according to which the persons who are allegedly involved in the embezzlement of Rs50 million or more would be kept in ‘C’ class in jail with no air conditioner facility. The accused would also be kept in C class during inquiry, investigation or trial. The new clause is also included in the sub-section 10 of the amended bill pertaining to C class in jail. In the CPC Amended Ordinance, the civil cases will be heard simultaneously by two benches and if there is a stay order from one court, the second bench would keep hearing the case. Letter of Administration and Succession Certificate Ordinance and other certificates will be issued within 15 to 20 days and the procedure will be
completed through fingerprints. Under the whistleblowers, the identity of the informant would be kept secret and his complete protection ensured. In case of recovery of dues, 20% will be given to the informant. Under the Enforcement of Administration of Women Property Rights Ordinance, the grievances of women will be addressed. The cases pertaining to the inherited property of women and the right of inheritance of women would be resolved rapidly. Under the ordinance, the right of affected women in property inheritance would be delivered in two months. Presdient stressed on the implementation of the eight new ordinances and ask concerns to follow code of law.