President hits hard on Hindutva extremism

By Uzma Zafar
ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has declared the trend very dangerous where extreme Hindutva thinking is creating hatred against minorities and has permeated music that is encouraged by Narendra Modi-led Indian governmen.
President Alvi, taking to the social networking website, Twitter, said, “Damage will take decades to recover from. I hope better sense prevails as a polarized India is not good for its neighbors also.”
Giving reference to an article of Washington post, the president said, “How painful must have been the Babri Masjid verdict for the Muslims of India? This can be read in this article.
Earlier on November 9, expressing deep concerns over the judgment of Indian apex court in historic Babri Mosque case, Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Mohammad Faisal had said that the decision had once again failed to uphold the demands of justice.
In a statement issued by the FO, Dr. Faisal had said, “This decision has shredded the veneer of so-called secularism of India by making clear that minorities in India are no longer safe; they have to fear for their beliefs and for their places of worship.”