President for more awareness on Breast Cancer


By Uzma Zaffar
ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi here on Monday urged religious scholars and media to play their due role in creating awareness about breast cancer.
Addressing a ceremony in Islamabad, President Alvi said that Allah Almighty commanded the mother to breast feed her child for two years and added that breastfeeding lowers breast cancer risk.
He said the disease should be discussed openly for early diagnosis and added that members of parliament should also play their role in this regard.
Speaking on the occasion, President Alvi said that population was another huge problem which Pakistan was facing but unfortunately there was no political discourse on the issue.
Addressing on the occasion, First Lady Samina Alvi said proper awareness is inevitable to control the breast cancer in the country.
She said, “Significant steps should be taken to control this menace in our society.”
Samina Alvi said women are key players in development of the country and their health was equally important. She said late diagnosis was the major cause of deaths from breast cancer and through prevention and early detection it can be controlled.
The first lady said that mammography screening should be introduced at larger scale to get rid of this disease.