President Alvi says run of river power projects better option than big dams for ecological concerns

By Shakeel Ahmed

KARACHI: President Arif Alvi here on Saturday said that the execution of run of the river power projects was a better option than the construction of big dams which raised ecological concerns.

Addressing a session held here to promote investment in alternative sources of energy, he said, power generation via run of river technique was being efficiently done on community levels in the upper riparian areas.

Referring to country’s potential in nuclear energy, he said it was also a good power source but the disposal of nuclear waste was an issue besides other allied problems of international politics.

Highlighting importance of investment in cost effective as well environmentally safe power generation, he suggested need to make optimum use of natural sources.

Reiterating that country holds capacity to generate electricity through varied means and can well afford the option of safe mix of energy, the President of Pakistan said this was critically needed in face of “global warming.”

“Its impact on ecology and reported affect on almost 80% insect population is a warning that cannot be ignored by the world in general,” he commented.

Appreciative of heavy investment in the wind energy sector, he said growing investment in solar power sector was also a positive development as investment in the related infrastructure was also getting cost effective turning it into an efficient and cheap source of electricity for many.

“I am also looking forward to get the presidency shifted to solar energy while country’s parliament house already put on it some five years ago,” said President Alvi.

Having served as a parliamentarian, a public representative, for a considerable time period he said that he had a good idea about the situation with regard to public needs and interventions being made by them on self help basis.

President Alvi referred to instances in different parts of the country including parts of Balochistan where people in their individual capacities were going for solar energy.