Premier warns of severe repercussions of ethnic cleaning of Muslims in IoK

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the international community that its silence on the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Kashmir would lead to severe repercussions and reactions in the Muslim world.

The prime minister in a post on Twitter said, “In IoK, 12 days of curfew, presence of extra troops in an already heavily militarized occupied territory, sending in of RSS goons, complete communication blackout; with the example of Modi’s earlier ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Gujarat.”

Will the world silently witness another Srebrenica-type massacre and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in IoK?, PM Imran asked.

The prime minister added, “I want to warn international community if it allows this to happen, it will have severe repercussions and reactions in the Muslim world setting off radicalisation and cycles of violence.”

The prime minister’s tweets come as the curfew and communication blackout entered its 12th day in the occupied valley.

The Indian authorities have been maintaining a strict clampdown in the valley since August 5, after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led Hindu nationalist government abolished the Indian constitution’s Article 370, which granted special status to occupied Kashmir.

The tensions mounted in the disputed valley with unprecedented numbers of Indian troops deployed in the region. Television, telephone and internet links have been suspended and the occupied territory remains cut off from the external world due to the communication blackout.