Premier urges nation to take advantage of asset declaration scheme

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his important message to the nation on Thursday, urged all Pakistanis to take advantage of the asset declaration scheme, and save themselves from any kind of trouble.

“Today I want to speak with you on an important issue facing the country. Out of 220 million Pakistanis, only one per cent are tax filers, which means this one per cent Pakistanis were bearing the burden of the total 220 million,” Khan said in his video message.

“This is impossible. No state can serve its people if they do not pay tax. Because of the fact that people do not pay tax, neither can we establish hospitals for citizens, nor the schools for children, the infrastructure cannot be fixed and government has to take loans.”

He said that was why the government brought a scheme for citizens to declare their benami assets.

“This is the easiest scheme, which is valid until June 30. This is a chance for you to declare whichever benami properties or bank accounts you have,” the prime minister said. “You won’t get this chance after June 30.”

He said the tax authorities were receiving bulk of information on citizens with undeclared assets in the country of abroad.

“The institutions have access to all information and they are receiving more information every day. Pakistanis’ bank accounts and assets abroad and within the country, institutions are getting all this information,” Khan said.

“It is much better for you to serve your country by declaring your assets. That would help us secure future of our children, we can help the country stand on its own and uplift the poor, and above all you can also sleep in peace.

“You won’t be worried as to some institution might trouble you, once your assets are declared. This is good for all,” he said further.

The prime minister said if the people declared their undeclared assets, then this would also be good for the country too, which was currently facing an economic slowdown.

“In the end the most important thing, this would also steer the country out of this difficult phase,” he said.

“And I guarantee you that the money collected from your taxes would be spent on you and this country,” Khan assured.

“I would not let this money to be misappropriated,” he promised.