Premier urges citizens to benefit from Assets Declaration Scheme

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation once more, urging citizens to benefit from the Assets Declaration Scheme.

In a pre-recorded televised address at 6:40PM, Khan said: “I’ve seen my people, I’ve seen my people in the earthquake in northern Pakistan in 2005.

“Only with the help of the public can we pull ourselves out of this quicksand of loans.”

“We have to collect Rs5.5 trillion next year. We can alleviate poverty from our people. We can collect tax worth almost Rs8 trillion,” Khan said.

The premier further, referring to the Pakistani people, said: “I need you in my goal to collect this tax.

“The FBR [Federal Board of Revenue] has all the data,” he noted.

“I wish there were no difficulties for you. I don’t wish for you to face challenges,” he said, addressing the public.

Therefore, “benefit from this scheme and pull the country out of this quicksand,” Khan added.