Premier seeks report on PK-8303 crash


By Shakeel Ahmed

ISLAMABAD: Preliminary investigative report of the unfortunate PK-8303 national tragedy where a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airplane crashed killing 97 people onboard has been sought tomorrow by Prime Minister Imran Khan, media reported on Sunday.
According to details, the premier had asked the federal minister for aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan to produce the investigative report by Monday during a cabinet session held earlier in the week.
Ghulam Sarwar Khan had assured the prime minister of bringing forth the preliminary report and will present it to Imran Khan tomorrow, sources privy to the development claimed.
The Air Accident and Investigation Board (AAIB) commenced technical probe of the ill-fated aircraft PK-8303 plane’s debris to collect more evidence regarding the crash on June 19.
Sources told media that the investigators have joined the pieces of the Airbus 320 aircraft’s debris in accordance with its real design outside the Shaheen Hangar of the Karachi airport.
The AAIB officials inspected the plane’s engine and pieces of its wings.
It emerged that the investigators found out proofs regarding the plane’s engines that hit the ground while making the first attempt to land at the runway, sources added.