Premier likens Pak-India nuclear standoff to 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Prime Minister Imran Khan. – File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned about the renewed tensions over Indian occupied Kashmir spiralling out of control and said no rational human being can talk of nuclear war.

Comparing the Pakistan-India nuclear stand-off to the 1962 Cuban Missle Crisis, in an interview with media, PM Imran said, India and Pakistan being pitted against each over the disputed region in a dangerous standoff. “No rational human being can talk of a nuclear war,” PM Imran said.

Urging the world community to intervene in occupied Kashmir, the prime minister said the situation on the ground remains “explosive” and may escalate way beyond the Indian subcontinent.

He added any further escalation between the two countries may lead to unimaginable fallout.

Vowing to “knock on every door” to get the issue of occupied Kashmir on the forefront of the global agenda, the prime minister said, so far he feels underwhelmed by the world community, after having “expected the world to react much more than it has.”

“This is the time to act. Inaction is not an option,” he stressed, suggesting that some may be dismayed by the risk of damaging their trade with India. He lamented that, to some, the markets and “material gains” are “much more important than human beings.”

Speaking about the relationship with Moscow, PM Imran said, he hoped to change his relations with Russia. 

“[Russian] President Vladimir Putin is a big voice in the world and the current occupied Kashmir crisis could be resolved if the big players — Russia, the US and China — “get together” to do it,” he added.