Premier issues nuclear warning over IoK situation


— Says N armed Pakistan will fight to the end

— Chides Modi over Balakot farcical strikes

— Hits hard on blasphemous activities adding Tamil Hindus introduced suicide bombing

APP90-27 NEW YORK: September 27 – Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses at the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in UN Headquarters. – Agencies

From Jawad Khan

NEW YORK: The prime minister (PM) Imran Khan slammed his Indian counterpart PM Narendra Modi at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly (UNGA), on Friday, for having illustrated to the world how Hindu supremacist regime cages Kashmiri Muslims for 55 days, arrests all defying the curfew, forcibly taking to undisclosed locations 13,000 youth and committing the worst example of gross human rights’ violations.
PM Khan raised four points, at the UNGA, the climate change, illegitimate flow of money from poor countries to the rich, Islamophobia and the prevalent curfew in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).
On IOK curfew that has entered the 55th day, Khan said, “The most critical point, the reason that I am here before the UN members, is to highlight the shocking developments in the IOK” informing “Modi is a life member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an organisation that is inspired by racial superiority and was established in 1925.”
He educated, “This RSS believes in ethnic cleansing of Muslims from India” adding “They keep a strong hatred for not just Muslims but also Christians” informing “They believe that the golden age of Hindu civilisation was brought down by the Muslim rule in India.”
PM Khan narrated, “This is openly stated by the RSS, founded by Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, which led to the killing of the great Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in 1948” educating “This ideology led Modi, who at the time was the chief minister (CM) of the Indian state of Gujarat, to commit open massacre of Muslims in 2002.”
He recapped, “The congress home minister, shortly prior to the 2002 massacre of Muslims in Gujarat, delivered a warning mentioning that terrorists are being trained in RSS camps” adding “These terrorists then massacred Muslims” reminding “This was the reason that Modi was barred from traveling to the Western countries.”
Khan grieved, “In IOK women, children, elderly, sick people have been locked away within the confines of their homes like animals” adding “With racial supremacy comes arrogance which in-turn leads to making stupid mistakes” reiterating “It is this sheer arrogance that has blinded Modi from the fact that a war will erupt when curfew is lifted.”
He questioned, “Does he think that the Kashmiri people will quietly accept the status quo when the curfew is lifted” stressing “100,000 Kashmiris have died, 11,000 women have been raped” reminding “Several UN reports are a testimony to this.”
Khan lamented, “The world has done nothing because India is a big market” adding “Sadly this has serious consequences and that is why we are here” cautioning “When the curfew is lifted, when Kashmiris will finally be able to step out of their homes, how would the deployment of 900,000 troops react, a bloodbath will happen.”
PM informed, “Kashmiri people have been boxed away in their houses, treated like animals, even the pro India Kashmiri leaders have been locked up, thousands of Kashmiri young boys have been taken to undisclosed locations” reminding “They have already used the pellet guns and blinded the young” cautioning “Kashmiris will be
further radicalised.”
He reminded, “Our foreign minister attended the UNGA last year however India cancelled it out, we thought perhaps it was because of the coming Indian general elections; meanwhile a 20 years old Kashmiri boy, whom his father claims was radicalised by the Indian troops, blew himself up at an Indian military convoy in Pulwama” stressing “Immediately, without having investigated the case, India blamed the incident on Pakistan.”
Khan continued, “Rather than giving us with any proof, India bombed us, we retaliated and shot down two of their fighter planes, one fell in Pakistan where we got hold of their pilot who was immediately handed back to India.”
PM highlighted, “There will be another Pulwama and India will blame us” adding “They already are saying that all this is happening because of Pakistan” reiterating “Why would Pakistan send terrorists over to the IOK when we know for sure that any terrorist attack will further the human rights violations against our Kashmiri brothers and sisters.”
He educated, “The moment the world leaders use the quote of Islamic terrorism the entire world looks away from the gross human rights violations and increases the everlasting suppression of the Kashmiri people.”
Khan said, “180 million Muslims of India are watching Kashmiris stuck in their homes for the last 55 days” cautioning “They too will get radicalised and again we will be blamed.”
He reminded, “The world community laid a blind eye to the extradition and killings of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.”
PM lamented, “Millions of Muslims in Kashmir know this is

happening because of their religion” questioning “What will the Jewish community think if only 8,000 Jews were locked away like the Kashmiris” asking “Are we the children of a lesser God?”
He narrated, “If I am a Kashmiri locked up for 55 days, I get to hear about Indian soldiers raping our women, will I not pick up the gun, you actually are radicalising people.” Khan said, “There will be a reaction to this, Pakistan will be blamed, two nuclear armed countries will come face to face and before that happens the UN has a responsibility” adding
“This is why UN came into being in 1945, you were supposed to stop this from happening.” He asked, “Will you make a mockery out of the 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide or would you do justice.”