PPP objects to ‘PML-N links’ in Interim Cabinet

Stafff Report

ISLAMABAD: Noting that former bureaucrats of the PML-N were inducted into the caretaker set-up, PPP senior leader Khursheed Shah on Thursday demanded a level-playing field to contest the upcoming general elections.
Recently, ex-bureaucrats Ahad Cheema, Fawad Hasan Fawad and Tauqeer Shah were given important portfolios by the interim set-up.
Speaking to reporters in the federal capital, Shah emphasized that the PML-N was the only party with its affiliates in the federal cabinet. The presence of former close aides of the Sharif brothers in the interim set-up has strengthened the perception that it was an “extension” of the previous government led by the PML-N.
The PPP leader expressed his disappointment over the removal of high-ranking officers from Sindh from their positions, which were subsequently filled by officers from Punjab.
He complained that development projects were progressing in Punjab while being put on hold in Sindh, asking who will be questioned if not the PML-N in such a situation.
The PPP leader also mentioned the possibility of elections taking place in January, February, or even earlier. The biggest achievement of charter of democracy is that no one can run away from polls, he said. He expressed sorrow over the historical fact that the country had experienced 40 years of martial law, leading to a tradition of infrequent elections.
We endured executions and imprisonment but remained steadfast in our commitment to the people and democracy, he declared while advocating for a level playing field. He reminded that the PPP was the party that had advocated for the removal of the PTI government exclusively through constitutional means.
On the other hand, Pakistan Muslim League-N President and former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif left for London to have an important meeting the party head.
The former PM is going to London with an important message for his elder brother Nawaz Sharif. Shehbaz Sharif will reach London via Qatar on today (Thursday) night as Nawaz Sharif has called him to London again for an important consultation.
Party sources said Shehbaz Sharif is expected to have an important meeting with Nawaz Sharif on Friday. In the meeting issues of Nawaz Sharif’s return home on Oct 21, consultations on preparations for the elections and other issues would be discussed.
Party Information Secretary Maryam Aurangzeb said that Shehbaz Sharif is going to London following the direction of Nawaz Sharif and after meeting will return home soon.
Shahbaz Sharif left for London again after a two-day stay in Pakistan. Earlier, Shahbaz Sharif had stayed in London for a month.
On Thursday morning, Maryam Nawaz also left for London via Dubai and she will stay there for a week.