PPP leader advises political workers to check car trunks before travelling

SUKKUR: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Syed Khursheed Shah urged political workers and the public to check their car trunks before travelling.

Speaking to media in Sukkur, Shah said, “If the economy can be improved by putting us in prison, then go ahead and put us behind bars. We have no issue with it. Imran Khan has never been to prison but we have and we do not have an issue.”

Responding to a question regarding the arrest of PML-N’s Rana Sanuallah, the PPP leader said, the public should check their car trunks before travelling.

“If it is in the interest of the nation to throw us in prison, then they should put the entire opposition behind bars. These arrests are only there to hide Imran Khan’s failures,” he added.

Criticising the incumbent government, Shah said, “The government should tell us about one project that they started. What change has Imran Khan brought in a year? There is no employment in the country and we are helpless.”

“What used to cost us a rupee before the rise in inflation, now costs two and a half rupees. The PTI government before coming into power knew what the economic condition of the country was,” he added.