PPP chairman won't accept IMF deal if approval not taken from Parliament

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari warned that they would not accept the government’s deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), if it did not take an approval from the Parliament.

The PPP chairman said so while addressing a session of the National Assembly, wherein he called the current government “two-faced”.

He said the incumbent government neither had a vision nor a plan. “They subject to torture and not even let the victims cry,” Bilawal said.

The PPP chairman, in his address, reiterated his demand that the ministers having links with proscribed organisations should be banned.

Bilawal said that the nation is quite perplexed and wants to know who is ruling the nation in reality.

He said that the nation is facing the brunt of the incompetent governments.

Bilawal said that the government has no vision and is focusing instead on censorship, intimidating through National Accountability Bureau, and filing cases.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan cannot meet any man before his official appointment.

Bilawal also criticised the current deal with International Monetary Fund, saying it was not approved from the parliament.

Opposition members got disgruntled during the NA session as Murad Saeed was allowed to speak first while Khawaja Asif wasn’t.

Opposition members surrounded the dais of the speaker and kept causing commotion during Murad Saeed’s speech.