Potential of Pakistan-Azerbaijan co-op discussed

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: The eleventh session of Online Internship Program “Contemporary Dynamics of Azerbaijan†was held on Monday. This internship program is initiated jointly by Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad, and the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Pakistan.
The theme for the eleventh week of this internship is related to “Economy of Azerbaijan: Achievements and Priorities.
The session was commenced with the opening remarks of Ms. Mehreen Gul, Program Director. She mentioned the importance of this internship program and also emphasized that it is important to know the economic structure of Azerbaijan to enhance the brotherly ties.
Mr. Jawad Majid, Director Silk Bank and renowned economic expert of Pakistan welcomed the esteemed speaker Mrs. Husniyya and appreciated the joint efforts of Azerbaijan and CGSS. He stressed upon the increased economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Pakistan. Further he highlighted that for the young generation it is very important to know the economy and achievements of Azerbaijan.
Mrs. Husniyya Mammadova, Head of the Economic Cooperation Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan explained in detail about the economy of Azerbaijan. She discussed the oil production in the country and export rate. She further explained the gas projects which are strengthening the economy of the country. Transport corridor that connects three countries Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan were also discussed. Mrs. Hussniya gave in-depth presentation on the international cooperation in Oil and Gas industry. Mrs Husniyya said that China is a trustworthy and important trade partner of Azerbaijan. She also highlighted the economic cooperation with the regional countries including Russia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.
Azerbaijan has much potential to cooperate with Pakistan in various projects. Azerbaijan is sharing easy trade routes with regional countries. Mrs Husniyya said that Azerbaijan is a recognized trade hub internationally. She also explained the other newly established energy projects, especially transport routes. Moreover she highlighted the brotherly ties with Pakistan.
It is noteworthy that students from across Pakistan have enrolled for this exclusive Internship program. This program will prove to be a milestone in improving the bilateral diplomatic relations of Azerbaijan and Pakistan.