Postgraduate doctor found dead in hostel room of Lahore's Jinnah Hospital

LAHORE: A postgraduate doctor was found dead in her room Friday night under mysterious circumstances, hospital authorities said.

According to Dr Asim, the medical superintendent (MS) at the Jinnah Hospital Lahore, the deceased was identified as Dr Uroosha Noreen Mirza, who lived in the girls’ hostel in the facility’s premises.

On the other hand, Dr Urooj, the deputy medical superintendent (DMS) at the hospital in question, said they had also found an injection near the body.

The death of Dr Mirza, a resident of Gujrat, came as a shock, with the reason behind it yet-to-be-determined. While her parents travelled to Lahore upon being informed of the devastating news, they refused for a post-mortem to be carried out.

A spokesperson for the Dr Yasmin Rashid-led ministry of health said it seemed to be a case of suicide. The minister had earlier taken notice of the death under mysterious circumstances and advised the MS to conduct an inquiry.

Regardless, “we will know the reason behind her death after the investigation is complete”, the spokesperson added.