'Poor being murdered economically by govt'

ARKANA: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari held a rally in Larkana today (Oct. 12) against inflation and unemployment in the country and said that poor people are getting economically murdered.
Addressing to his party workers, he expressed that the ‘puppet’ government has made the lives of people difficult. “Poor farmers of Pakistan are being subjected to economical killing by the incumbent government,” he said adding that they do not accept the PTI-IMF budget.
PPP Chairman went on to say that the Prime Minister Imran Khan promised employment for youth in the country, and he also promised to build 5 million houses out of which not even a single one has been made so far.
“Shops and homes of poor were destroyed being a target of extortion. Many were unemployed in one year. Where did his all promises go?” he asked. – Agencies