Pollard urges players to use break for self-analysis

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Trinidad: West Indies limited-overs captain Kieron Pollard thinks the break that has occurred due to coronavirus pandemic is a good time to introspect (self-analysis) about careers and players should use it to stay mentally and physically fit.
The hard-hitting all-rounder believes it is a good time to reflect on his own’s game, “It is a good time for introspection, a good time for reflection, a good time to look at where you are as an individual in your career and what you want to achieve going forward,” Pollard told 1955 FM, a Trinidad radio channel. The 32-year-old emphasized that there will be no time to prepare for the tour if things start to get back to normality.
“You have to take this time in order to do that and also keep yourself in good physical shape, and mentally as well, because when the bell rings and they say ‘ok, everything is back to normal and we need to go on tour’, it might not be enough time to be prepared, but you as an individual have to be prepared mentally in order for you to try to perform at your best,” he added.
It is pertinent to mention here that coronavirus has effected the entire world at this moment. The majority of the countries have locked down their cities to restrict the spread of this virus. Almost all sports activities around the world have been postponed for an indefinite period of time.