Politicians pave way for dictators: Law Minister

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Law Azam Nazir Tarar has said that politicians should blame themselves for paving the way for dictatorship.
Tarar was addressing a special session of the Senate on Friday. He said that the “state becomes weak when politicians do not sort out their difference and grab each other by necks. Politics does not teach discrimination against opponents. It is about one’s ideology.” The law minister urged all the political parties to prepare a road map for the stability of the country. “It is the duty of the upper house to discuss the political situation as political instability puts the country’s existence at stake.” He said the country has faced two dictatorial rules when the constitution was held in abeyance. Haven’t politicians paved the way for the dictators to wind up assemblies? Tarar asked the senators who were attending the session.
He lamented that the opposition did not turn up for today’s senate session. Had they come to attend the session, it would have given a positive message to the nation.
He urged politicians to learn from the past and change their attitude.
Tarar stressed the need of negotiations. “Talk to each other, talk logically and convince others with arguments so that the nation realise that it has an able leadership. I give a message to all to sit together and talk for the betterment of the country,” he concluded. –Agencies