Police surgeon announces date for exhuming Dr. Maha’s body

MIRPURKHAS: Police Surgeon Hyderabad on Tuesday announced to exhume the body of Dr Maha Ali Shah, who allegedly committed suicide in Karachi, media reported.

A notification was issued by the police surgeon announcing that the exhumation process on the body of the deceased lady doctor would be carried out on October 15 at 11:00 am.

A five-member medical board was formed on September 22 on the court order to exhume the body of Dr. Maha, who allegedly committed suicide in Karachi. The provincial health department had formed a five-member medical board comprising health officials to exhume the body of the victim.

The board was formed after the local court on September 18 ordered the constitution of a medical board for the body exhumation and investigation in Dr. Maha death case upon the plea of her father.

The court ordered the exhumation of the deceased and the medical board for the collection of evidence anew in the case of Dr. Maha’s mysterious death under the supervision of the second judicial magistrate.

It is pertinent to mention here that the female doctor had committed suicide by shooting herself in the head in Defence area of the metropolis on August 19 and initially it was reported that it happened after a brawl between Dr Maha and her father.

However, a twist came in the case later after the father of the victim alleged that her daughter was allegedly blackmailed by some of her friends, which forced her to commit suicide.