Police intensify crackdown against tinted glasses

By U.Zee

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Capital Police continues crackdown against vehicles having black paper and tinted glasses.
Special squads are constituted to take action against the vehicles.
According to details, following the special directions of IGP Islamabad Dr. Nasir Akbar Khan, the Islamabad capital police constituted Special squads to take action against vehicles with tinted glasses and black papers in the capital city.
Following these directions, Islamabad capital police aim to enforce a zero tolerance policy as it is a moral responsibility to spread awareness regarding road safety while enforcing laws.
Similarly, the behavior of citizens on the road reflects the social norms of the society, he added.
Islamabad capital police officials are well trained through seminars and have been instructed to treat citizens in a professional manner.
Citizens are requested to ensure the smooth flow of traffic on roads, the role of the citizens is also very important in implementation of traffic rules. Obeying traffic rules can save your and the lives of others as well, never violate traffic laws and be a responsible citizen.