Police arrest Karachi factory worker for taking colleagues hostage

KARACHI: Police arrested a factory worker after he took fellow employees hostage at a Karachi factory, officials confirmed.
Saleem Shehzad, a factory worker apparently disgruntled at having been treated unfairly by the owners, had taken fellow employees hostage at a crushing plant in Sohrabh Goth area.
Saleem Shehzad wielding a handgun and issuing directives to fellow workers held hostage inside the factory. The man could also be heard claiming that he had a bag full of explosives and he could detonate them.
Shehzad had alleged that he was working in the factory for nine months and was not paid for the last two months.
A heavy contingent of police and Sindh Rangers reached the spot to defuse the situation, as soon as the news flashed on media.
Confirming the arrest that came hours later, SSP Malir Muneer Sheikh said that Shehzad had caused loss to the factory at which his dues were withheld.
He said the suspect had taken three employees hostage, however, one of the hostages managed to escape. The remaining two were held hostage by Shehzad for nearly four hours.
Sheikh said that Shehzad surrendered himself to police after being assured that his demands would be met. He said the suspect was only in possession of a handgun, and no explosives as he claimed.
The senior police official further said that an action would be taken against Shehzad as per the law.