PNCA to hold refrence for Krishan Lal Bhil after corona subsides


By Minahil Makhdoom

ISLAMABAD: Krishan Lal Bhil , a known name in the artists community ,a lively performer and a master Marwari singer from Cholistan passed away this morning after fighting a prolonged kidney disease . DG PNCA, Dr Fouzia Saeed has expressed deep sadness upon receiving the news of passing away of the legendary folk singer.

Dr Fouzia Saeed, announced that PNCA will hold a grand Cholistan Folk Night, as a special reference for the great Krishan Lal Bhil once the corona crisis is settled†.
Dr Fouzia Saeed shared that she had known Krishan Lal from the last 30 years and had a special relationship with his family and community. She had also paid visits to his home in cholistan quite a few times. He was always appreciative of the book that she wrote about the Bhil Community. Krishan Lal had performed in a number of events in Lok Virsa during her tenure as ED. He was also interviewed by her in the TV series Folk Beats by Lok Virsa. She had always admired his talent and the way he represented the tradition and culture of Bhil Community.

In one of her messages she expressed that “It is a very sad day as we lost a pillar of folk singing in Pakistan. He represented a whole tradition of Bhil community of Hindu biradri and has the credit to introduce many folk artists from south punjab. He called me mata ji and i always interacted with him and his community as my own family.
she further added “I would have gone to his home right away, but because of the travel restrictions in corona times, it is not possible to do soâ€
Krishan Lal was a nobel soul and a souful singer. His illustrious efforts for promoting folk music of cholistan will always be cherished.