PML-N questions former party chief's narrative

LAHORE: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif’s narrative seems to have been rejected by his own party, providing credence to the fact was party president Shehbaz Sharif’s denial from the existence of any ‘extraterrestrial’ forces in Pakistani political arena while talking to the media in Jehlum.
“Neither are there any aliens, nor are we afraid of any,” said PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif when asked about Nawaz Sharif’s comments that PML-N was up against aliens and not politician opponents.
While talking about the recent criticism of NAB by Sharif and his allies, Shehbaz said that the bureau must work in accordance with law.
“We all must work together for the prosperity of Pakistan instead of wasting time in blame games, lockdowns and dharnas”, said the Punjab chief minister.
Reportedly, Shehbaz also stated that party leaders were working to mitigate distance between Nawaz Sharif and former interior minister and Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan. On the other hand, party lawmakers also denounced Sharif’s criticism of state institutions during a party meeting at Islamabad.
It is pertinent to mention here Shehbaz himself has rejected the policy of confrontation on multiple occasions without specifying whose policy he was rejecting. Several other party leaders including Nisar have openly rejected Sharif’s policy of critiquing state institutions.
According to a statement issued by CM office, Shehbaz while addressing the parliamentarians said that PML-N will win the next elections with thumping majority on the basis of its immaculate performance.
“Our government has rendered remarkable services for the eradication of terrorism and energy crisis from the country”, said the Punjab premier while mentioning that thousands of megawatts electricity is being produced in Punjab and people from across the country are benefitting from this facility worth in billions of rupees.
He said the PML-N government has started several development projects that have yielded positive results in shape of enhancing the standard of life have also provided more than 42% development funds to southern Punjab while opponents continued to waste the time of the people with their hollow slogans.
Likewise, Shehbaz highlighted that a successful experiment has been conducted regarding pathology labs and CT scan machines availability in collaboration with the private sector in Layyah, Vehari and other districts.
Moreover, federal ministers and MNAs including several from southern Punjab also called on the party president at Punjab House, Islamabad on Thursday to discuss recent defections. Important issues discussed included finding politically-strong alternatives in the constituencies of those lawmakers who had abandoned PML-N in favour of PTI.
“We have utilised national resources with utmost honesty and dedication for public welfare and due to this, public representatives of the PML-N have emerged as winners”, said Shehbaz.
A parliamentarian from Southern Punjab present in the meeting said on condition of anonymity they have yet again informed the leadership of their reservations on the policy of confrontation adopted by Sharif.
“Party leadership should stop spewing venom against state institutions if it wants to stop the ongoing streak of defections”, said the anonymous lawmaker while stating that several people in the party agree with Shehbaz’s approach of a collaborative effort and sustaining harmony across institutions.
Subsequently, Shehbaz alleged that the treacherous politics of both Zardari and Imran Khan have deprived politics of its morality and contrary to it, PML-N has set examples of public service and due to which the graph of party popularity has increased.
He also added that PML-N leaders and workers who have remained firmly attached with their political commitment and ideology are a precious asset of the party.
“The symbols of duplicitous political tactics have delivered nothing in Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, nor have they given any attention to solving the basic problems of the people. The way they have ignored the masses, voters will reject them in the same manner,” concluded the PML-N chief.