'PML-N has lost interest in Nawaz'

Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Friday said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz spokespersons were now worried about politics, instead of the platelets of their leader Nawaz Sharif.
In series of tweets, she said today they did not appeal for praying for the health of the “Zil-e-Subhani”.
She said that the PML-N leaders were trying to get political mileage by criticizing the most popular leader and elected prime minister. She said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was countering the conspiracies of the opposition on all fronts and would continue to do so in future. She said that it was correct to say that Imran Khan was not aware of the formulas of corruption and did not protect the personal businesses of his colleagues. She said that the elements which groomed under the patronage of former Punjab governor Ghulam Jilani, were now issuing statements to malign an elected prime minister.