PM urges voters to choose honest leader in AJK polls

-Says proud to sound global alarm on Indian atrocities in Kashmir
-Asks Nawaz, his family to face independent judiciary

DM Monitoring

BHIMBER: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday he wanted that Pakistan’s passport had respect in the world.
Addressing a public gathering at Bhimber in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) held as part of a campaign for elections to the state assembly to be held on July 25th, he said he saluted the courage and determination of the people for turning up at the jalsa venue in such large numbers despite intense heat.
Warning the people that the coronavirus was not over yet, he counselled them to maintain social distancing so that they could protect themselves against the pandemic.He told them that the coronavirus had wreaked havoc in neighbouring India, not in terms of the lives lost but also in terms of financial loss. The prime minister said there were two superpowers at the time of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Persia and the Roman empire. “But 13 years after prophet’s migration to Medina, one of the superpowers eclipsed,” he added.
PM Imran said nobody had respect for the person who begged from people. “Only that person is respected who bows before The Almighty Allah,” he asserted.
He said the only leader Pakistan had in its entire history was Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. “Even his detractors used to speak of him highly,” he commented.
He urged people to cast votes in the favour of those candidates who have a clean past.
He taunted former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo for fleeing abroad by making his sickness an excuse. “Remember he watched a polo match in London,” he said, and added, “Polo is an extremely expensive sport. Only kings and rich people can afford it,” he added.
PM Imran said nowhere in the world you would find a country, with corrupt leaders at its head, prosperous.
He said nations rose only when they stood for justice. “With your support, I will defeat these mafias plundering the country’s resources,” he vowed while referring to the PML-N and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).
The prime minister said the entire Muslim world was proud of the way Kashmiris had braved the atrocities of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
PM Imran expressed the hope that soon Kashmir would be liberated from the shackles of India.
Earlier, at the outset of his speech, the premier urged the large crowd gathered to wear masks, as the threat of coronavirus is far from over.
“You all are standing very close together. I fear that I will hear later that many coronavirus cases emerged due to this rally,” he said.
The premier also lauded the spirit and determination of the crowd gathered, receiving a loud roar in response.
“A large portion of my life was spent playing cricket under the sun. Sitting on the stage here I felt my clothes drenched in sweat. So when I look at all of you packed here together, I wish to pay special tribute to all of your determination,” he said.
PM Imran Khan said he thinks of the future of the people of the country, especially the youth. “I want our country to be such that when one travels with the Pakistani passport they should be admired. The world should look at us with respect. The green passport should be respected. We should become a great nation,” he said.