PM Khan directs Punjab govt for exemplary performance

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan directed members of the Punjab cabinet to deliver in a manner which could set an example for other provinces.

The prime minister held a meeting with members of the provincial cabinet in Lahore, where he said that eliminating corruption from Punjab was the biggest challenge for them.
He urged the ministers to make identification of corrupt practices their top priority and directed for strict action against corrupt individuals.
During the meeting, Khan expressed grave concern over encroachment of lands and properties in the province.
He said that mafias and some groups were involved in illegal occupation of public properties, and directed the provincial administration to take an action against such groups.
The premier directed Chief Minister Usman Buzdar to immediately kick off a drive against encroachments and individuals involved in illegal occupation of public property. He promised complete assistance to the provincial government in this regard.
Stressing austerity and simplicity, Khan directed the cabinet members to set an example by saving taxpayers’ money.
“We are to invest in human development by limiting our expenditures,” he said, noting that Pakistan had the least human development index in the region.
The prime minister further urged the provincial ministers to work tirelessly for the implementation of his government’s 100-day agenda.
He said he would intermittently visit Punjab and review implementation of the 100-day plan.