PM, Italian counterpart discuss Kashmir crisis


By Our Diplomatic

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has made a telephonic conversation with his Italian counterpart Giuseppe Conte where they discussed the deteriorated situation of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and COVID-19 crisis, media reported on Monday.
PM Imran Khan and Giuseppe Conte discussed matters related to mutual interests, COVID-19 developments and Kashmir issue.
Imran Khan expressed sorrow over the loss of precious lives due to coronavirus pandemic in Italy. The premier also apprised the steps of the Pakistani government to curb the spread of the virus.
He also expressed his concerns over the ongoing crackdowns of Indian military troops in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
PM Khan reiterated that the move to change the status of Kashmir was a violation of UN resolutions and Geneva convention. Narendra Modi led Indian government has endangered regional peace through its destructive policies, he added. He urged the international community to raise voice for the rights of Muslims facing discriminatory actions in India amid COVID-19 crisis. During the telephonic conversation, PM Khan invited Italian PM Conte to visit Pakistan.
“We are facing the dual challenge of fight the pandemic causing negative impacts on human lives and economic growth. A global programme for relaxing loan payments is inevitable to support the developing countries.” He thanked Italy government to provide assistance to Pakistan for the development of socio-economic development. He also said that the developing countries could not counter their economic crisis without the support of the developed states.