PM Imran says those making the most noise know they have to go to prison

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Imran Khan said the longer he would remain in power, the more dangerous it would get for the opposition and those making the most noise know they have to go to prison.

Addressing the Pakistani community here, the prime minister said the opposition is in a hurry to topple the government and have been making noise since day one of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government coming into power. “They [opposition] did not even let me deliver my first speech.”
The prime minister said the longer he remained in power the more information he would receive on how money was stolen. “The longer I stay in power the more dangerous it gets form them. Those making the most noise know they have to go to prison. This is why everyone is gathering to save democracy…They are gathering together to save their theft, not democracy,” Prime Minister Khan said.
The prime minister emphasised that his would be the first government in Pakistan’s history which would not give an NRO or reach an agreement in the name of Charter of Democracy. “We will catch every single person and put them in jail.”
Prime Minister Khan stressed that he had not mentioned the opposition or taken any names but when he speaks of putting thieves in jail, the entire opposition rises up.
“The government till now has not launched a single NAB case. All the cases are old. We will lodge cases but the time has not arrived and they are scared,” Prime Minister Khan added.

‘Remittances help in running Pakistan’

The prime minister emphasised that Pakistanis settled in Malaysia send remittances home, which help in running the country.

In his address, the premier urged the Pakistani diaspora in Malaysia to send remittances through legal channels and help the country financially.

“I can see the drive to invest in Pakistan in all the people I have met here today,” said the prime minister.

He further said that the current government’s priority is to get investments from abroad and Pakistan’s ambassador to Malaysia worked tirelessly for his country’s sake.
PM Imran said that Pakistan needs to improve its governance as it has immense potential. “Every year there is money laundering worth $10 billion in Pakistan.”
The prime minister also appreciated Malaysia’s efforts to thwart money laundering and corruption.
He stated that nobody could do money laundering in Malaysia, which is quite unlike the case in Pakistan.
“We will make money laundering very difficult for people in Pakistan,” vowed the PM, adding that he is getting details now of those attempting to send money abroad illegally.

He said that the country will come out of this vicious cycle if it improves its exports and make a remittance plan for overseas Pakistanis.

Foreign investment is crucial for Pakistan’s economic progress, said Imran Khan.

PM Imran said that Pakistan has been bestowed with great kind of resources and the government has to bring in conducive measures for investors.

 The prime minister added that the next week the government will be announcing a complete poverty alleviation program.

The prime minister left for Pakistan later in the day, upon completion of his official visit.